Questions about LIFE and Belief - why are we here?    THINK!
Was it all an accident of nature?                        THINK!
Or is there someone behind it all?    THINK!

Mind your own business

"What I think, is my business!"

Hang on - are you really your own?

I think Jesus would say, "What you think is your business; but it is also mine. I know your every thought and desire, but I do not impose my will on you.

"I love you and reach out for you; but you are like children that leave home and do not want to return. You follow your own desires, your own paths. 

"But how many do you hurt on the way? Do you care? I love you, so do not hurt one another; do not turn from my truth, my path. Do you make an idol out of money, or sex, or drugs? What drives you so? These things are self-destructive; in the long run, they destroy you and others around you.

"My love passes the understanding of so many that find me; and they delight in finding my love and exploring it. Love is the better way - but I do not impose my will on yours. You are free to make your own decisions, for good or for ill. But remember that when the time comes to die, you cannot come into My kingdom without forgiveness of your sins. And there is no forgiveness unless you accept that the price was paid by my death on the cross.

"Turn and believe in Me.

"I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life Everlasting."

What to pray

Jesus, teach me to think your way. Help me to get off the treadmill that I am on. You know the things that I do; the way I behave towards others; the thoughts in my heart; my sin. I am afraid to lose control of the way I am, so please lead me gently, lest my fear drives me away from you.

Give me the sureness that you are there for me, please make yourself real. Part of me wants to believe, but part of me fights against you.

Jesus, please help me.


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