Questions about LIFE and Belief - why are we here?    THINK!
Was it all an accident of nature?                        THINK!
Or is there someone behind it all?    THINK!

"Mind your own business", you might say...

or "Get lost!"

Some people really cannot stand the thought that God exists. They are real atheists - a word that means "without God".

What might God respond to someone like that? Perhaps like this?

"Do you really tell your God to get lost? I tell you the truth, you are lost now and will be lost forever unless you turn to me. Believe in me, trust in me: I love you and will not do anything that is not for your good. Only through me can you come into the kingdom of heaven. All other paths lead to darkness and to pain and everlasting torment. Is that what you really want?

"I see my children and they turn their backs on me. They are stubborn and do not hear my call, they close their ears so that they are deaf.

"How loud must I shout?

"Can you not hear me in the pain around you, in your own pain? Is there not an emptiness inside of you that calls out for comfort within?

"You try to satisfy this deep inner need, the need that goes back to Eden. You try to fill the need with distractions, activity, wrong behaviour, money, drugs, alcohol, sex. These are a blind alley and a dead end. They bring surface satisfaction for a little while. But lust feeds on lust; the desires and cravings grow and can never be satisfied. They are no substitute for the real thing.

"The only peace worth having is an inner peace that comes from Me. Peace cannot be imposed from the outside or by your own efforts. Artificial endeavours, to satisfy that within you, can never bring lasting happiness. Look at the world around you. That is external, it is temporary, it will not last.

"Peace in My name is a lasting peace that satisfies forever. Come unto Me, little children, and I will give you rest."

How do you need to pray?

If you want to change, then begin with a prayer something like this. You can use your own words.

"Jesus, please help me. I hurt within, I have an emptiness that frightens me; sometimes I cannot bear it, so I pretend it isn't there.

"Please come into my life, I invite you in. I give you permission to bring about the changes deep within, and to fill me with your love and peace.

"Please help me.



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"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life."

- from the Bible, book of John, chapter 3, verse 16.

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- Colossians 3:17 (NIV).

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