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GEA EVANGELISM: Gloucester Evangelists Association, short missions and practical evangelism training is a resource for the churches in Gloucester.

CHURCHES: New Life Church, a Cirencester Church with a Pentecostal flavour.

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What kind of reading experience have first-year students of English had in their pre-university education? The following (unreformulated) learning history from an Art and Design student is fairly typical of what students go through in Junior High and Senior High:

In the third year, the substance of the lesson is grammar, grasping the content of the textbook and reading it smoothly. I go to my teacher to have her hear my reading. If I can read the textbook by heart, she gives me marks.
Then I entered a high school. We had two kinds of English class, "reading class" and "grammar class". The content of the textbook becomes to be difficult. The vocabularies are rich and complicated. On every Tuesday we have the English test. It was said it "Weekly test" ... In the first year of the high school it was written examinations and mark. My school class emphasized grammar and grasping the content of the sentences.

Striking elements of this pre-university experience include memorization; reading aloud; reading difficult text; sentence-level comprehension; weekly tests. Given the nature of the university entrance examination in Japan, it is neither surprising nor particularly remarkable that many students come to university as slow readers of English who use word-by-word translation and who lack confidence in reading in a foreign language. These are hardly, though, the characteristic skills of a fluent reader. How can we help students become more fluent readers of English? One part of the answer may lie in including extensive reading as a core component of first-year English courses.

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